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A pirate tale about home and the family you make for yourself.Captain Redbeard is the most wanted pirate ever to sail the Eight Seas. But to the folk of his sleepy island hometown, Captain Redbeard is no more than a distant legend. To them, he’s just Quint Thatch - the tavernkeepers’ son.When tragic news calls him home, Quint hides his pirate identity (and loses his beard) to reconnect with his formidable Ma and childhood friends. As he processes his grief, Quint learns that the bonds of home are as strong as those tying him to his crewmates.But when Quint’s pirate crew and a ghost from his past sail into town, both halves of his life are thrown into jeopardy. Will he have to choose between his home and his crew, or can Quint find a way to reconcile the two sides of his identity and save them both?"Pirates, long lost loves, mermaids, found family and refound family -- this novel has it all!" - Rebecca Thorne, author of Can't Spell Treason Without TeaAvailable now from Atoll Press

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Join Captain Redbeard and his crew on a daring new adventure across the Sea of Tears in this sequel to Son of a Sailor.Quint Thatch, known across the Archipelago as the notorious Captain Redbeard, has just pulled off the most daring raid of his career. Fleeing a pursuing Naval fleet led by his former lover, Commander Vanessa Delacort, Quint charts a course to reunite with the other half of his crew.......only to run right into the clutches of the dreaded Pirate Queen, Captain Margherita, who seeks nothing more than to tear down the Empire in a blaze of revolutionary glory. And after capturing Quint, Vanessa, and the others, she intends to use her new prisoners as pawns in her war against the Imperial Navy.But when a devastating storm leaves them shipwrecked on an uncharted island, Quint, Margherita, and Vanessa are forced to reconcile their opposing ideologies. Will they be able to overcome their differences and find a way back home?Prisoners of a Pirate Queen combines the island adventure of Swiss Family Robinson, the found family of Our Flag Means Death, and the cozy heart of Legends and Lattes.Available now from Atoll Press

Only the dead can save the living.
In Albastine, the dead are made into mindless servants known as Attendants, incapable of harming the living unless commanded to by the soldier-necromancer Legates.
Forced into an early retirement, Legate Gaius Cassius Calvus struggles to find purpose in his civilian life—until he is called upon to examine the apparent suicide of one of Albastine’s senators. Cassius’s necromantic powers reveal that the man was murdered—and the weapon used to kill him was an Attendant.Knowing that only another Legate could command an Attendant to kill, Cassius sets out to discover the truth behind the assassination. His investigation leads him through the foggy streets and brooding towers of Albastine as he slowly uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to shake the Pale City to its very foundations. Should he fail, the Republic he has sworn his life—and death—to serve falls with him.The Pale City combines the rich worldbuilding of Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn novels with the first-person narration and magical mystery of Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files, flavored through with the necromantic horror of Tamsyn Muir’s The Locked Tomb series.Available now from Shadow Alley Press

New Allies and Enemies Rise From the Ashes.
In Albastine, dying in the Republic’s service is only the beginning. Charged with training the necromancer-generals responsible for leading the city-state’s undead legions, Cassius wants nothing more than to recover from his wounds, rebuild his marriage, and restore his faith in his ancestral religion. But when a separatist group starts to undermine the Republic from within, the shaken warrior finds himself on the front lines once more.
Forced into an uneasy alliance with a magistrate who’s already tried to arrest him once, Cassius relentlessly pursues the heretic Sons of Ash and their charismatic leader in a struggle for the soul of his people. Yet as tensions rise, Cassius begins to fear that both he and the Sons are being manipulated by an unseen Adversary who will stop at nothing to restore the old balance of power. And all the while, unseen and unstoppable, a killer stalks the Pale City’s streets, seeking to send Cassius to his uneasy rest.An epic fantasy series perfect for fans of Gideon the Ninth. Rites of Resurrection is packed to the brim with zombies, magic, and mystery that will leave you flipping pages late into the night.Available now from Shadow Alley Press!

The Dead Are Waking Up.For three hundred years the Republic of Albastine’s dead have been resurrected as mindless servants who labor and wage war so that the living may focus on higher matters. Yet these Attendants are no longer the unthinking, unfeeling slaves they once were.Called from the duties of new parenthood to examine reports of malfunctioning Attendants, necromancer Cassius Calvus discovers that his actions the previous year have inadvertently called the spirits of the dead back into the bodies of the Attendants, resulting in self-aware revenants. Led by the silently charismatic being who calls himself Wraith, these Awoken threaten the Republic’s orderly society with their very existence.But the Awoken are not the only undead in the Pale City who are more than they appear. Throughout Albastine, a sinister force has been quietly gathering power in the shadows, corrupting the Attendants to its own ends. Hounded by an enemy long thought vanquished, Cassius and his allies are drawn into an epic battle for the fate of the Republic—and every soul within, living and dead alike.Available now from Shadow Alley Press

Postcards from a Lake Monster

Postcards from a Lake Monster

YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO MEET A LAKE MONSTER AND HIS MOM.Trevor's not like most lake monsters. While he loves spending his days building mountain ranges out of the mud on the banks of Lake Eerie, he’s bad at swimming and disinterested in fishing.Child psychologist Dr Lena Spyros has a lot of experience helping young people of all descriptions overcome struggles and, realizing Trevor’s behaviors and interests put him on the autism spectrum, Dr Spyros helps this laker and his mother Bessie find the best ways to help Trevor thrive.With fourteen beautiful full-color drawings, readers of 7-11 years old get to wade into Trevor's life in the lake, his journey to diagnosis, then learn more about autism in the second half of the book as Trevor and Dr Spyros exchange friendly, informative postcards.Written by author Marshall J. Moore, and illustrated by artist B. Bay, Postcards from a Lake Monster is part of Improbable Press' “Postcards” series, an imaginative middle grade fantasy set talking about issues important to kids.Out April 2 from Improbable Press!

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Marshall J. Moore is the award-winning author of the Rites of Resurrection trilogy of high fantasy novels (Shadow Alley Press 2022-2023), the pirate cozy fantasy novel Son of a Sailor and its sequel Prisoners of a Pirate Queen (Atoll Press, both 2023). He has also written over thirty short stories appearing in publications such as CatsCast, Mysterion, Flame Tree, and many others. His short story “Red Lanterns” won Second Place in the 2022 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Short Story Contest.Marshall posts daily book-related videos on his TikTok under the handle @MarshallJMooreAuthor for his 53,000+ followers, and has spoken as a guest on panels for conventions including DragonCon, Multiverse Convention, Nerdi Gras, and ProWritingAid. He is scheduled to be a guest at JordanCon 2024 and Apollycon 2024. He has also been interviewed on the podcasts Baen Free Radio Hour, Blasters and Blades, and The Casual Author, and The BookTok Book Club.When not writing or talking about writing, you can find Marshall teaching Muay Thai at his gym or reading at his home in Atlanta with his wife Megan and their two cats, Delilah and Furiosa.


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